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The Bearded Gamers have been in existence since Feb. 2009. We are an international multi-gaming clan/community. We were previously known as NVme Gaming. Our clan comes from a history of many games such as Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Infestation Survivor Stories, etc. It's a community that is always looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. The Bearded Gamers are a select group of individuals. Our main goals are to simply have fun and enjoy any game we play. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you meet most of our members.


• A group to consistently play with.
• A mature player base.
• 24/7 Dedicated Team-Speak 3 server.
• Experienced Staff
• Professional Homepage
• Dedicated Gaming Servers (Supported Games)


• You must be 18+ we will consider accepting younger players, but it will depend on your maturity level.
• You must speak English.
• You will need to have TeamSpeak 3 installed and have a working mic.
• Work together as a member of the clan using proper call outs and teamwork.
• Must respect members of the clan at all times and will contact an admin is an issue arises.
• You will be mature while playing with the clan during gameplay, stream sessions and events.
• Upon application approval you will be placed on a 2-week trial.
• We do not allow multi-claning for games we support.

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